Sell Your House Before the Holidays

As you look ahead to the winter season, you’re likely making plans and thinking about what you want to achieve before the year ends. One of those key decision points might be whether or not you want to move this year. If the location or size of your current home no longer meets your needs, finding a house that better suits your lifestyle may be a top priority for you.

But, in today’s market conditions, is it really a good time to sell your house? Or should you wait to sell?

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Get One Step Ahead of Other Sellers

Typically, in the residential real estate market, homeowners are less likely to list their houses toward the end of the year. That’s because people get busy around the holidays and deprioritize selling their house until the start of the new year when their schedules and social calendars calm down.

Selling now, while other homeowners may hold off until after the holidays, can help your house stand out. Start the process with a Realtor® today so you can get your house on the market and get ahead of the competition.

Get in Front of Serious Buyers this Season

Even though the housing supply has increased this year as buyer demand has moderated, it’s still low overall. That means there aren’t enough homes on the market today, especially as millennials reach their peak homebuying years.

As Mark Fleming, Chief Economist at First American, says

“While not the frenzy of 2021, the largest living generation, the Millennials, will continue to age into their prime home-buying years, creating a demographic tailwind for the housing market.”[1]

Seize a Great Chance to Move Up

Today’s homeowners have record amounts of equity.[2] According to CoreLogic[3], the average amount of equity per mortgage holder has climbed to almost $300,000. That’s an all-time high. That means the equity you have in your house right now could cover some, if not all, of a down payment on the home of your dreams.

As you weigh the reasons to sell before winter, don’t lose sight of why you’re thinking about moving in the first place. Maybe it’s time to buy a house that’s in a better location for you, or has the space for your and your loved ones to prosper, or begins a new investment in your future, or simply gives you a sense of home. A trusted Realtor® can help you determine how much home equity you have and how you can use it to achieve your goals of selling your home.

Final Thoughts

If you’re thinking about selling your house to find a home that better suits your needs, don’t delay those plans. Listing your home now could get you the advantage of seasonality, the benefit of earned equity, and the opportunity to appeal to a growing demographic of buyers. Speak with a Realtor® to start the process and sell your home before the holidays.

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