Layering Ideas to Decorate the Home for Winter

When the holiday decorations are neatly packed away, you can aim for a seasonal design, by layering winter-themed elements into your existing décor scheme. As temperatures dip and you spend more time indoors, adding extra layers of warmth and texture will create a rich, inviting space. Let’s give our homes a breath of fresh air this January with winter-themed home décor.


Add Detailed Vignettes

Adding greenery and candles to your home’s existing vignettes instantly take you from year-round to seasonal. Drape the surfaces with greenery or fill existing vases and vessels with greenery at varying heights – it’s appropriate for the entire winter season, through the holidays and behind. Adding candles brings extra light and warmth to dark and cool-feeling spaces. Add simple pillar candles to a crystal bowl and create a beautifully illuminated look.

Extend the Outdoor Season

Shift your mindset of closing up the backyard for the entire winter. Light up the outdoor fireplace, enhance your outdoor throw blanket collection and keep a storage unit of extra gloves, hats, and scarves near the back door. Add an outdoor heater, a hot water heater, and set up the movie projector so you can enjoy hot chocolate in your own outdoor living space.

Fill in the Nooks

If your home has empty areas – like long hallways, a landing space, or room corners – fill the space with an inviting chair, bench or sofa. Drape the piece in flannel fabric or cozy chenille and leave a few wintery books nearby. Add a warm and welcoming touch to a space that was previously bare.

Add Moodiness

Bring in additional depth and riches by swapping out lighter, breezier pieces for their bolder, moodier counterparts. One example is to swap out white lampshades with darker, textural lampshades, and daylight bulbs for soft white or flickering bulbs. Change out lighter, clear glass décor for heavier, textured glass décor. Add a few bold rug choices where the floor may seem bare and cold.

Create a Designated Game Space

Turn one of your living spaces into a designated game space for all those extra indoor hours. Enhance the space with easily accessible games, leaving options in plain sight. Fill a bookshelf with your favorite board games and invite the friendly competition.

Bring in Texture

Texture adds depth that instantly transforms a room to a different season. If your linens and cottons are still on display, switch them out for velvets, sherpas, and wools for an instantaneous switch to a winter motif.

In Closing

Winter can be a long season, cold and dreary at times. Prepare yourself for settling in and enjoying your time spent at home.