5 Luxury Bathroom Tech Trends

A luxury bathroom can be the ultimate escape from daily stressors. Equipping your bathroom with the latest in innovative technology can enhance this experience even more. Incorporating the latest in smart home technology can add comfort, efficiency, and enjoyment to your bathroom. What tech trends can you incorporate? Read on to learn how to turn your bathroom into an oasis.

1. Toilet Technology

As the most utilitarian element of a bathroom design, it can be easy to overlook any upgrades to your water closet. However, there are many luxury toilet features you may be missing. For example, smart toilets come with built-in seat warmers and touchless toilets have the technology to let you open and close the toilet lid by waving your hand. Smart toilets also come with antimicrobial seats and have self-clearing and self-deodorizing technology.

2. Vanity Technology

Imagine getting out of the shower, opening a drawer, and wrapping yourself in a cozy, toasty towel. A towel or robe warming drawer can be built into your existing bathroom vanity and have the same appearance as a standard cabinet drawer.

There are digital faucets, which can be completely automated and programmable, and you can turn on and off the flow of water with a wave of your hand. Smart faucets also come equipped with additional features, like programming how long the water runs. A smart faucet is particularly beneficial in children’s bathrooms, helping encourage them to brush their teeth for the correct amount of time.

As you brush your teeth in the morning, a smart mirror can help you start the day with a weather forecast and updated information about commuting times.

Consider an under-vanity refrigerator, for hosting any chilled facial products, medicines, or freshly pressed juices upstairs, and saving yourself a trip to the kitchen.

3. Shower Technology

Have you ever had to wait, seemingly forever, for the shower water temperature to heat up? Then you understand what a luxury it is to enter the shower when the water is already at the perfect temperature. Smart showers can be programmed for your ideal temperature, so there’s no more waiting around for the water to meet your desired standard. If you’re cautious about water consumption, smart showers also let you pause the water or set timers for the desired shower length.

4. Entertainment Technology

A luxury bathroom isn’t complete without entertainment options to help you pass the time. If soaking baths are part of your nighttime ritual, a waterproof TV allows you to catch up on your favorites without the risk of getting devices wet.

Waterproof speakers are a must – allowing you to enjoy your favorite morning podcast or play soothing spa music as you wind down in the evening.

5. Ambiance Technology

Adding small comforts to increase your bathroom’s ambiance will take a beautifully designed bathroom to a truly luxurious place. For example, regardless of climate, heated bathroom floors are an asset to every bathroom. That warm floor will make you wonder why you didn’t install it sooner the moment you step out from your shower, and it also helps evaporate residual moisture which assist in keeping the bathroom clean.

Voice-activated bathroom lighting solves minor inconveniences, like tripping over things in a dark bathroom at night or changing the lighting from dim to daylight to assist with makeup application or creating a more soothing spa-like feel.

Luxury for bathrooms used to mean marble everything, oversized soaker tubs, and waterfall shower features. Now, bring luxury to your life with technological elements designed with comfort and utility in mind.


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