Home Décor Trends for Fall 2022

Home Style Trends for Fall 2022

If your home décor is timeless, classic, and comfortable, then you shouldn’t change a thing. But if you’re looking for the hottest, trendiest design styles and accessories for Fall 2022, here’s what the experts are saying.

#TLDR, For Décor’s Sake:

What home décor trends are out for Fall 2022?

  1. Farmhouse, Rustic Style
  2. Stainless Steel & Sharp Edges
  3. Hunting Trophies
  4. Flashy Lighting and Neon Signs
  5. Lone Lettering and Folksy Mottos

What home décor trends are in for Fall 2022?

  1. 70s Style with Bold Color and Eclectic Touches
  2. Curving, Multifunctional Pieces
  3. Plants and Pet-Friendly Designs
  4. Tons of Lighting Options
  5. Drawings, Diagrams, and Locally-Sourced Art

Trending Home Design

1. Out with All-White and Rustic, In with Bold and Eclectic

The design bloggers agree – farm décor, shiplap (horizontal, aged wooden walls), and all-white is out.

Mason jars, gingham fabrics, lavender sprays, distressed wooden beams, and reclaimed farming equipment have had their due. It’s time for brighter, bolder, and 70’s inspired style!

Trade your all-white walls and natural wood textures for solid aged paint colors like soft pink, cornflower blue, pistachio and sage green, golden yellow, and chocolate brown. Use contrasting colors to paint the moldings and the edges of door frames. Bright, bold, and eclectic are chic and now.

Funky fabrics? Yes! Stripes, plaids, flamingos, and puppies? Yes! If the pattern speaks to you and agrees with the color story, you’re good to go.

Can’t commit? Keep your staple furniture pieces but invest in cushion covers, rugs, and runners. Keep your lamps but change the shades. Your white walls can still be a perfect backdrop for a teal couch, a soft pink lampshade, or sage green pillows.

On a budget? Thrift, thrift, thrift! Not only does nostalgia work well with this retro-inspired, eclectic style, but people are literally giving furniture away all the time for the mere cost of transporting it out of their house.

2. Out with Stainless and Sharpness, In with Rattan and Curving Multipurpose Pieces

You may have seen that some people are painting their stainless-steel appliances to match their kitchen cabinets – how adventurous! That might be too much to change – but chrome and stainless accents are out and mixed metallic accents are in for Fall 2022. In keeping with eclectic style, boxy is out. A mix of round, oval, and a variety of other shapes are in.

Work-from-home culture has really made an impact on what we expect to see in design styles in the coming years. In true 70s style, fold-out furniture is making its way into our hearts and homes for its multi-purpose nature. End tables are being swapped for C-Shaped side tables that can hold our snacks, our cats, and our laptops. Foldable, bendable, reusable, multiuse furniture that will suit a variety of needs is winning the day.

Bedroom doubling as an Office Space?  Find a fitted daybed cover with bolsters and lightweight tall end tables.

Open-Concept Blues? Room dividers are available in every variety. Aim for one that is easy to move or collapses for easy storage.

Storage Woes? Invest in storage ottomans and a variety of eclectic shelving options. Moon-shaped bookshelf? Hexagonal gaming display? Hidden under-couch and under-bed storage? YES to all.

3. Out with Hunting Trophies and In with Pets and Plants

Hunting trophies (and artistic renderings of them) are on the way out as rustic and farmhouse style gives way to more eclectic, inclusive décor. Plant parents rejoice! Plants as décor are totally in, for every room, on every shelf. Pay attention to watering, light, and heat preferences of each plant species (dead plants are NEVER in style). Keep only pet-safe plants in pet-accessible areas.

About Pets – Pet-centered Areas are having a moment in Fall 2022! As pets continue to make their way into our hearts as members of the family, their dingey tote boxes and entryway hooks are just not cutting it. Get spunky and creative to assign a designated space in the living room or family room for a pet bed, storage, toys, food, travel gear, etc.

4. Out with Flashy Lighting and Neon Signs, In with Lighting Options

As the trends are moving in a more organic way, its no surprise that flashy neon lights are making their way out. For example, replace that singular large crystal chandelier in the dining room with smaller, dimmable track lighting, an upward facing floor lamp, small decorative shaded lamps for the credenza, and some LED candlelight for the table. Lighting options are the name of the game for multi-functional spaces in 2022, and that means altering the room’s energy for the event, and not the other way around.

On a budget? Shop for lighting options in other rooms of your house, making switches for a fresh eclectic feel.

Love the fixture? Switch to a dimmable LED or color-shifting LED bulb to get more out of the lamps you have.

Bonus Upgrade – Attach timers to lights as an inexpensive way to automatically set the tone of the room to waking up, eating dinner, working, sleeping, etc. AND save energy at night by having the timer shut lights at a pre-ordained time.

5. Out with Lone Lettering and Folksy Mottos, In with Drawings and Diagrams

Live, laugh, and leave the lone lettering and the homey, folksy mottos behind in Fall 2022. The family initial hanging in the entryway and the “keep calm and do dishes” sign in the kitchen have been in vogue for years, but they are being replaced by nature-focused drawings and diagrams.

Lovers of eclectic style are leading the charge – so go ahead, hang that astronomical diagram of the planets in orbit or the pencil drawing of a beautiful species of plant. For the full effect, mix and match photos, paintings, drawings, and sculpture featuring locally sourced art inspired by travel and cultural heritage.

Shopping for art? Head to local farmer’s markets, fairs, and festivals to meet and greet local photographers and artisans to support small business and gravitate to whatever speaks to you.