5 Indoor Flowering Plants to Chase Winter Blues Away

Unpredictable winter weather like we’ve been having can feel gloomy and gray.

One minute the sun is shining, and the next minute an icy rain is clattering on the roof. Many people need a little something to lift their mood and spirits. This is where flowering house plants – a colorful addition to any home – can help. Indoor plants help regulate humidity and increase positive feelings. They also improve concentration and productivity, enough to reduce stress levels and help boost your mood.


They also improve concentration and productivity, enough to reduce stress levels and help boost your mood.

Research has shown that indoor plants are good for your health. They release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, freshening the air and eliminating harmful toxins, making them a wonderful addition to your home and workspace. Here are a few indoor flowering plants that are easy to find and easy to care for.

Take note: If you have curious pets, do your research on the potential dangers and make sure that these plants are out of reach. Many houseplants are toxic for pets to ingest.

Indoor Houseplants to Elevate Your Mindset

1. African Violets

One of the most satisfactory flowering plants, this compact plant featuring attractive dark green leaves bears lovely little flowers just above its foliage. With just enough watering to keep the soil moist, they flower almost always continuously and do well in diffuse natural light.

2. Orchids

Among the most popular indoor flowering plants, the many available orchid hybrids are easy to grow and will reward you with gorgeous flowers under most home or office conditions with little but consistent watering.

3. Anthurium

Also known as laceleaf, this common indoor flowering plant is known for its tall, brightly colored, long-lasting flowers and shiny, ornamental leaves. They do best with a bit of indirect light and consistently moist soil.


4. Oxalis

This dramatic, low-growing plant, featuring spritely bouquets of white flowers and vibrant purple leaves, is fun to grow and to keep an eye on because the blooms open and close in response to light.

5. Bromiliad

This colorful tropical plant is slow-growing and needs bright, indirect sunlight to thrive. Once established, however, it can grow to be very tall and provide beachy vibes, reminding you of warm climates.

Improve your winter mood and liven up your home with plants that flower all year round.


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