4 Simple Paint Projects to Transform Your Space

You don’t need gallons and gallons of paint to create a stylish transformation in your home. In fact, small pops of color can make the biggest visual impact! With these simple yet powerful paint projects, you can transform your space in a short period of time and for little cost. Let’s get painting!

Transformational Paint Projects for Quick and Easy DIY Design

Kitchen Island

If you have a kitchen island, you can create a fresh look in no time. Consider painting the bottom of your island a different color than the rest of your kitchen cabinets. Think bold and contrasting! For example, if you have white cabinets, go for a deep shade like navy blue or forest green. Whatever color you choose, finish with a semi-gloss paint for easy clean-up of scuff marks. Upgrade island drawer hardware and stool seat cushions for an inspired kitchen revamp.

Doors and Doorways

Exterior-facing front doors usually see more color options than any other door in the home. They create a warm, inviting welcome for visitors and a central point of visual interest for your exterior. But why use a fun color palate ONLY on the exterior? Show your inside doors some love. Whether you’re transforming your entryway by updating the inside-facing front door, or making a larger impact throughout a long hallway, add an accent color to doors or doorways. Use a glossy finish in your current wall color to trick the eyes for a bigger, more welcoming space, or use contrasting colors to maximize interest. If you love a unique look, consider the newest painting trend to add some pop – paint only the edges of the doors or inside the door frames in a bright accent color that matches your décor!

Window Frames

Like door frames, adding contrast to window frames can tie an entire space together. Go for a simple gloss or complimentary color for the room. Most paint supply websites can show you excellent complimentary and contrasting paint options. For example, in a light gray room, a dark gray window frame adds interest, highlights the architectural details of the space, and makes the room seem larger. If your windows are wood grained, you’re right on trend – you can change up the stain hue without losing any charm.


Staircase trends are always in flux so don’t worry too much about what’s in – do what you like! Paint the treads (where you step) in a contrasting color to the rest of the staircase or paint the riser (in front of your toes) instead. You can match the banister and balusters to the treads in a pop of color while keeping the risers neutral. Or give the banister a metallic sheen as a way of elongating the staircase. The banister is the first place your eye naturally falls when approaching the stairs so get creative! And if the staircase is immediately inside the entry, as it is in many high- and split-level ranches, it is a very prominent feature in your home!

If you want to test drive your new staircase style, affix paint chips or sticky wallpaper in the color of your choosing and live with it for a day or two. If you’re not the experimental type, don’t be afraid to take your time deciding.

Change Your Space and Change Your Mood

Remember to always test drive a few shades and take a few days before you make your final paint choice. Throughout the day, the lighting shifts in every space and paint begins to look warmer or cooler as the hours pass. This can create complications when choosing new colors, especially new accent colors.

If you’re nervous, start small. There’s very little that can’t be undone – meaning you really can’t make a mistake! Peruse home décor blogs, experiment with color palate options, and jump right in with a simple painting project to update your home and lift your spirits!

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