Trick-or-Treat! Prepare Your Property for Halloween

Homeowners Beware!

Attention homeowners! Trick-or-treaters are coming your way! Get your property ready to receive these little visitors as soon as possible and place a premium on Halloween safety.

1. Hang Decorations ASAP.

Get the pumpkins out and the window clings up! It signals to the neighborhood that you’re planning to hand out candy for Halloween. Besides, it’s much more festive to get the decorations up early!

2. Rake the leaves.

Make sure all paths are clear of leaves and other debris. Leaves make steps and sidewalks harder to see in the dark. They can be a lot of fun to crunch underfoot, but also a slippery safety hazard when wet. No one wants a skinned knee on Halloween.

3. Mark or repair loose stones and remove overgrown and fallen branches.

Obstacles like unexpectedly loose pavers are dangerous for (little) feet. If a broken paver cannot be repaired or replaced before Halloween, consider placing a pumpkin or other marker on the spot. Trick-or-treaters will dodge any obstacle – as long as they can see it!

4. Light the path!

Dark and spooky houses are a lot of fun, but low-to-ground LED lanterns provide just enough light to make sure everyone gets to and from the front door safely. Solar LED path lights can be purchased at any home improvement store for around $5 per. You can even find seasonal lights which cast spider webs or ghostly shadows on the walk.

5. Goodie, Goodie

If you’re thinking of hygiene safety this Halloween, consider creating individually wrapped goody bags that can be easily taken – rather than a communal bowl for germy hands to reach and rummage through.

6. Get out there!

If you’re concerned at all about property hazards, or are feeling extra cautious, set up a candy station at the end of your driveway. You’ll be able to interact with Trick-or-Treaters while keeping them at a safe distance from your home. Costumes optional!