Make the Most of a Smaller Backyard

When it comes to creating a beautiful outdoor space, less can definitely be more.

No matter how small your yard, you can turn it into an engaging haven with just a few smart design choices. Try one or two of these ideas from the experts at Martha Stewart Living.

Maximize Verticals

Look for ways to maximize vertical designs in your yard to create a feeling of spaciousness. One way to draw the eye upward is with the addition of a pergola or trellis, which provides shade and serves as a great support for attractive vines, hanging baskets, planter boxes, and lighting.

Plant Trees

It might be counterintuitive, but trees not only provide natural beauty and add to appeal, they provide shade and privacy as well. Look for trees that grow tall and narrow as opposed to wide and squat so that they don’t infringe too much on your yard space. For example, in the New York region, a Pin Oak will grow rather tall and straight, whereas a Blue Spruce will grow wide before it grows tall.

Hanging Baskets

Another option to add greenery and create vertical interest is to use hanging baskets. Hanging baskets do need a lot of tending and care, so be prepared to water frequently and maximize light.

Create an Inviting Seating Area

Nothing draws you to an outdoor space more than comfortable and thoughtfully arranged seating. Just because you don’t have a large yard, doesn’t mean you can’t create entertaining space.

One way to create an effective seating area is to place benches against any existing wall space. Benches can seat multiple people. A small bistro table and chairs also invites usage for a small space, so invest in a foldable table and chair set that you can set up and take down as needed.

Focus on the Fire

Center your seating arrangement around a small fire pit feature, which serves as a great focal point for gathering in even small yards. Thanks to a variety of portable options available on the market, you can invest in one that can be tucked away or not in use, or one that can double as a BBQ.

Backyard Patio With Chairs And Fire Fit

Lighting, Too!

Just as it does for indoor space, lighting helps enhance the feel and spaciousness of outdoor spaces. Warm and attractive lighting improves the appeal and functionality of small spaces, so invest in this feature. Opt for warm-colored tones, low lumens and a timer that turns them on and off automatically.

Make sure you incorporate lighting at all levels, including lights on vertical features and lights on walkways. Uplight any interesting features with portable, solar-powered spotlights, and add lanterns, string lights, or edison bulbs overhead to cast a warm glow over your entertaining space.

Pest Control

Don’t let bugs keep you from getting the most out of your outdoor area. There are a few ways to handle this, in addition to the old school bug spray or fogger. Some outdoor lighting is designed to ward bugs away, and there are certain plants that keep out specific kinds of insects. Also, it may sound unconventional, but let spiders settle in to the corners, because they are natural bug deterrents that can live quite symbiotically with you if you let them.

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Adapted from RIS Media.

Backyard With Shrubs And Sitting Area