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One Broker, One Listing

Only listing agents appear on their listings. You’ll always know who to call first — the REALTORS® who represent every listing on our site.

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Accurate and Comprehensive Data

Historical data from the MLS backs up the accuracy of our listings, and we protect our listings with powerful business rules to enforce accuracy.

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Manhattan Property History

Check current Manhattan listings against verified data on every listing in the City, including address, amenity, tax and building sales history.

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45,000 Professional REALTORS®

OneKey® MLS represents more than 45,000 professional, ethical REALTORS® and tens of thousands of listings. OneKey® MLS is the largest and most powerful MLS in New York State.

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Connect and Collaborate

Create a profile and save searches, favorite your preferred properties, and share them with your friends, family, and your REALTOR®.

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Every listing on OneKey® MLS is represented by a professional REALTOR® who is ready to help. Get instant updates about listings you'll love.

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