Better Listings Straight from the MLS

Every listing on OneKey® MLS is verified by the REALTOR® who stands behind it. That’s why you can trust our listings to be accurate and available. Unlike other sites that don’t care if what you see is true, our REALTOR® members are ethically bound to represent their listings truthfully, and to update them immediately when they sell or rent. That means OneKey® MLS is the best resource when you only want to look at what’s really on the market.

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One Broker, One Listing

Unlike other third-party portals, only the REALTOR® who is actually selling the home appears on a OneKey® listing, so you always know who to call.

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Accurate Data

Data from more than 100 sources backs up the accuracy of the listings, protected by powerful business rules and brokers to enforce accuracy.

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Manhattan Property History

Check OneKey® MLS’s Manhattan listings against verified data, including address, amenities, taxes and building sales history.

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Complete amenities, with square footage, accurate taxes and common charges where applicable.

Satellite View
Google™ satellite maps provide context for every listing.

In-depth school data, with rankings and school district expenditures to identify the right neighborhood for you.

Complete profiles of household type, lifestyle and neighborhood atmosphere provide a flavor of the area.

Rankings for every listing, from downtown Manhattan to rural areas.

Nearby Sales
Comparable properties from the immediate area.

Recently Sold
Comparable listings sold within the last three years provide perspective on the market.