Should You List Your Home on an MLS or Keep It Exclusive?

There are a lot of decisions to make when you’re about to sell your home, and they can be immensely overwhelming. You must decide the best time to list your home—most realtors will tell you the first half of May, but there are benefits to listing in the winter too. You need to determine how much your house is worth and the best way to measure that. And you need to build a strategy for maximizing your home’s attraction to prospective buyers—everything from curbside appeal to indoor staging.

As much as those situations matter and affect the success of selling your house, none of them are as critical as deciding where and how to list your home.

Another potentially overwhelming decision, choosing where and how to list your house can be the difference between selling on day one and selling on day 91. Every homeowner’s situation differs, so there is no one answer to where and how to list.

Some homeowners find the most success with an exclusive listing, while others are better off with an open listing and using a Multiple Listing Service. Not sure where you fall? This guide will help!

Listing Your Home the on MLS?

More and more property shoppers are turning to the internet to find their next house, which is why using a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is essential to the sale of your home.

An MLS exists to provide a central online area for real estate listings. An MLS is an extensive database of properties used by brokers who agree to share their listings amongst each other to find buyers for their properties faster than they could on their own.

When your home is place on the MLS it can also be found on, where thousands of active, local buyers go every day to search for a home. Which means even more exposure for your home.

Listing Your How as Exclusive

Some sellers create an exclusive listing because their real estate broker suggests it, but unfortunately, you can’t list your home on an MLS if you have an exclusive listing.

With an exclusive listing, your property won’t be promoted on and other places. While there are still plenty of perks to an exclusive listing, having your Realtor place your home on the MLS allows your home to reach the largest market.

4 Reasons to List On An MLS:

  1. An MLS is real estate agent’s first stop when looking for properties for their clients.
  2. An MLS sends listings to other websites such as and many more, which means more exposure for your house.
  3. An MLS is the most cost-effective option compared to buying local or social media advertisements.
  4. Your listing will automatically go to local real estate agent websites and where it can be seen by thousands of active buyers.

How to Get Your Home on the MLS

As you prepare to sell your home, talk to your Realtor. Only s Licensed Real Estate Professional can place your home on the MLS.