White Plains

A bustling central hub just north of New York City, White Plains is an affluent suburban community known for its wealth of cultural institutions and lively retail scene.

The city is divided into two distinct territories, with a bustling city center and its quieter, suburban surroundings. The area’s architecture is a charming mix of Tudor, Colonial, Victorian, and contemporary construction. The real estate landscape ranges from pre-war single-family homes to modern luxury co-ops. Townhouses and condos stand alongside time-tested vintage facades, reflecting the diverse residential pockets that characterize the dense landscape of White Plains. Neighborhoods are well-maintained with lush green space and tidy streets. People flock to the town for its mix of city activity and laid-back suburban tranquility.

An excellent place for growing families, White Plains has a wide range of recreational and commercial entertainment. Ample green space is just a couple of streets away in any direction. Upscale luxury stores and locally owned-boutiques share the road with busy restaurants and trendy cafes. The area’s thriving bar scene gives residents plenty of choices for happy hour cocktails or a low-key nightlife. While a pricier place to live, residents find its proximity to New York City and the long list of conveniences well worth the cost.

The area is rife with cultural and historical lore. Notable landmarks in White Plains includes the Arts Exchange Building and a scattering of American Revolution battlefield sites. Trek along the three-mile Silver Lake Preserve Trail and drink in its historical significance and natural beauty. Take in masterpieces at the ArtsWestchester gallery. A drive through the Donald M. Kendall Sculpture Gardens is a perfect way to round out the day.

White Plains truly hits the perfect balance of the convenience of city life and retreat-like peacefulness of suburbia.

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