New Rochelle

A place of exciting change and time-tested landmarks, the town of New Rochelle is a lovely upstate haven just north of Manhattan.

New Rochelle’s real estate landscape is as diverse as its residents. Homes range from pre-war single-family dwellings to mid-rise apartment complexes and gated pseudo-mansions. Formerly an industrial town, much of the space has been renovated from warehouses and nondescript buildings to retail strips and converted pockets of apartments and condominiums. Some of the most expensive real estate in Westchester lies in New Rochelle, but the broad range of rental prices makes it a comfortable place for people looking for a convenient location and amenity-rich neighborhood to call home.

Just thirty minutes from Manhattan, New Rochelle boasts an incredible line-up of entertainments and essentials. Residents and visitors alike enjoy the various yacht and sailing clubs dotting the coast of the Long Island Sound. North Avenue’s retail strip extends from ample green space on one side to historic Boston Post Road on the other. There’s a lot of exciting possibility for New Rochelle’s future. Recent plans for development in the city will bring new construction and commerce to the town. New growth includes plans for hotels, restaurants, stores, theaters, and a mixed-use waterfront area. A handful of condos and townhouses are already popping up along the downtown area.

The area is rife with landmarks and cultural institutions. Leland Castle, a nineteenth-century Gothic Revival castle that once served as the summer home of a wealthy New York City hotel entrepreneur, now houses a public art gallery. There’s plenty of recreation like hiking, camping, and athletics to be had at Five Islands Park. Along the harbor, Hudson Park welcomes visitors with a public beach, boat houses, and several rowing clubs.

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