Mount Vernon

Immediately north of the Bronx, the city of Mount Vernon has a lot to offer those looking for upstate charm with proximity to New York City.

The landscape of Mount Vernon is divided into two major sections: the urban, city-center south side and its more residential north side. The primary civic and business center, south side Mount Vernon is home to a variety of companies, office buildings, and municipal establishments. In recent years, the city has seen incredible commercial and economic growth, making it one of the fastest growing cities in the New York metropolitan area.

Tranquil and more laid back than the downtown district, the north side real estate market comprises single-family homes, post-war apartment buildings, and new construction. The patchwork layout has pricey vintage homes sharing the street with modest high-rises and swanky co-ops. Mount Vernon’s diverse architecture offers passersby a journey through the area’s history, ranging from stately Tudor to grandiose Art Deco. Less pricey than nearby Pelham, Mount Vernon boasts the class and charm of its neighbors without the weighty price tag.

There’s plenty of entertainment and recreation for Mount Vernon’s residents and yearly visitors. The Triple Hill Arts Initiative supports local artists and makes their work accessible to the public with live events and galleries. Sanford Square, the largest commercial district in the city, houses a wealth of chain stores and smaller local restaurants and boutiques. Historic Willson’s Woods boasts a new waterpark on the site of an English Tudor style bathhouse. Residents enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, which makes for a relatively tame nightlife. Its proximity to Manhattan makes for an easy commute for businesspeople and thrill seekers.

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