Mount Kisco

A tight-knit community with a lively commercial strip, the town of Mount Kisco has a little bit of something for everyone.

Mount Kisco’s real estate landscape is as unique as its residents. Renters and buyers have a range of options from sprawling estates and equestrian farms, to single-family homes, apartment complexes and co-ops. The architecture comprises old Victorian facades, stately colonial construction, and a distinctly modern style. As you move away from the bustling town center, the landscape grows increasingly rural, perfect for those desiring a simple lifestyle with amenities and conveniences close by. The area’s residential market is pricier than other upstate towns, but ultimately offers a compelling offering with a mix of affordable options to cater to a wide range of residents.

Mount Kisco is a well-maintained and walkable region. The surrounding green space is perfect for hikers and joggers looking for scenic routes. The downtown area has a busy strip of upscale boutiques, family-friendly restaurants, and local stores and markets. Tidy parks dot the crowded town center, offering residents respite from the bustling crowds drawn in by the promise of great shopping and delicious food. The multi-story library and network of trendy cafes round out the commercial scene.

The town boasts a range of activities well-suited for the whole family. Take a trip to the Westmoreland Sanctuary for hundreds of acres of trails, flower gardens and nature programs geared for all ages. Enjoy a stroll down Captain Merritt’s Hill to gawk at some of the area’s stunning historic estates. Head to Lasdon Park for its expansive arboretum and majestic veterans memorial. Whatever you’re after, you’ll find it against the majestic backdrop of Mount Kisco’s wildlife.

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