With the cultural institutions of Manhattan just a short ride away, Eastchester is a peaceful country oasis that gives its residents the best of both worlds.

Eastchester has a mix of charming, early twentieth century houses and more modern single-family homes and apartments. The real estate market also includes stately townhomes and amenity-rich condos. Locals enjoy waterfront views along the areas many lakes and rivers. The densely packed suburban districts are broken up by lively commercial strips and tidy public parks. A significant portion of the population enjoys an easy daily commute into New York City.

There’s plenty to see and do in Eastchester. The walkable downtown center is brimming with small-town charm and local boutiques. Local cafes and strip malls share the space with upscale restaurants and hole-in-the-wall diners. Neighboring Scarsdale boasts large shopping malls. Its proximity to the New York City offers residents access to some of the finest cultural institutions in the world, as well as a more robust collection of excellent dining and shopping districts.

This active community enjoys a robust recreation scene. Country clubs with sprawling golf courses and public facilities with sports courts and swimming pools are a fixture in the area. An extensive network of hiking and horseback riding trails offer stunning views of the nature that surrounds Eastchester, while a paved path along the Bronx River is a scenic jogging hotspot. Parks like Twin Lakes County Park take visitors deep into the forest, giving them a real taste of the undeniable beauty of upstate New York.

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