Named after the well-known mountain range it borders, the town of Shawangunk offers its residents a blend of gorgeous natural landscapes and a convenient suburban lifestyle.

The architecture in Shawangunk offers insight into the town’s history. Mid-century wood frame farmhouses give way to larger split-level homes and ranches. Recent developments have brought more modern design to the area, a direct response to the growing demand for second homes in Sullivan County. The real estate market comprises single family homes, condos, apartments, and farmhouses. A diverse mix of rural comfort and suburban convenience, acres of horse pastures, dairy farms, and cornfields surround the town’s dense residential districts.

A center for tourism, Shawangunk has a lot to offer both its seasonal visitors and dedicated locals. The Shawangunk Hudson Valley Wine Trail takes guests through the area’s fourteen wineries, which are all rooted in traditions passed down from the region’s early French Huguenot settlers. Annual festivals like the Hudson Food and Wine Festival and Lobster Fest bring heavy foot traffic to the area. Shopping centers and trendy restaurants are an excellent place for a lazy afternoon or night out, while ample parkland offers a taste of the natural beauty of upstate New York. Recreational centers like Circleville Park are perfect for swimming, boating, and sports matches.

A stunning natural landscape surrounds the town, making it a go-to destination for nature lovers and those seeking respite from the metropolitan lifestyle. Shawangunk’s namesake mountain ridge has high quartz levels, a sight that attracts tourists, climbers, and geologists to the area each year. This unique geology also spurs the growth of rare plant species not typically found in America’s northeast region. Residents enjoy fishing, swimming, and kayaking on the Wallkill River. Skytop, one of New York’s original rock climbing posts, is a playground for climbing enthusiasts. The town boasts a strong collection of parks and nature sanctuaries like Verkeerder Kill Park, the Shawangunk Grasslands, and the National Wildlife Refuge. Visitors and locals alike can marvel at the preserved wildlands and enjoy long hikes on the Wallkill Rail Trails.

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