Running along Ulster County’s northern border, Shandaken is a rural retreat in the heart of the Catskill Mountains. People flock to the town for its gorgeous natural vistas and charming hospitality.

A popular destination for those looking for a second home in the country, Shandaken has a robust real estate market of single-family homes, apartments, and rustic cabins. Many of the region’s historic buildings have been renovated to accommodate an influx of new residents and tourists. The area’s thriving hospitality community has led to an increase in the development of luxury spas, campgrounds, and modest hotels. Shandaken is particularly famous for its affordable price points, which are significantly lower than nearby towns like Woodstock.

Modern Shandaken lives up to its legacy as a hub of hospitality and leisure. A collection of unique luxury lodging options and delicious restaurants dot the mountain town. Small boutiques, gourmet markets, and art studios round out the downtown area. Spiritual enthusiasts enjoy quiet retreats in the region’s Zen Mountain Monastery. The nightlife is tame and laid-back compared to other upstate areas. The tight-knit community enjoys a cozy and lively atmosphere and a diverse population of residents and visitors. The town is relaxed and unfussy, making it a comfortable place to call home.

The well-connected community has a vast array of outdoor activities and favorite recreational pursuits. Mountain spots offer trails for alpine skiing and hiking. Esopus Creek is the real gem of the area, with easy access to fishing, kayaking, canoeing, swimming, and tubing. Take in a scenic drive around the mountains and catch glimpses of the natural wildlife that surrounds Shandaken’s commercial strips, or trek through the many miles of hiking and biking trails that surround the town. Whatever your reason for visiting, Shandaken is a place to leave refreshed and revived.

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