Nestled between the Catskill Mountains and the Hudson River, the lively town of Saugerties is a favorite natural retreat with a distinct artistic flair.

A working-class town with its own distinct character, Saugerties attracts residents looking for scenic rural surroundings and a wealth of cultural offerings. The real estate market is diverse, with a mix of large estates, affordable starter homes, and small apartments and co-ops. Residential developments are on the rise to meet the demand of an interested market of buyers looking for country living. This new construction brings a mix of modern architecture to a town rife with historic facades and charming vintage accents.

The town is committed to preserving its small-town charm. Local barbershops and mom and pop stores stand alongside trendy cafes and gift shops. Live music, a nod to the area’s connection to Woodstock, is a staple at local bars and concert venues. Saugerties enjoys a bustling downtown area, with heavy foot traffic during festival weekends. Eclectic boutiques and gourmet restaurants line the walkable downtown area. The area’s distinct art community boasts a collection of street art and pop-up galleries. A robust food scene rounds out this experience, with everything from local takeout and fine dining to health-conscious bistros.

Saugerties has a little bit of something for everyone. Grab a bite to eat at one of the many trendy restaurants and cafes perched along the Hudson River. Catch your own meal during the bass season at a favorite fishing spot. A nature trail leading to the Saugerties Lighthouse is a great way to spend a quiet afternoon. A string of festivals and competitions throughout the year drawing in heavy foot traffic. The Hudson Valley Garlic Festival, one of the oldest and well-known in the region, is the perfect place to sample delicious fare centered around the distinct food. Every year, people brave the crowds to try unique treats like garlic ice cream and garlic gum. The local equestrian center hosts horse shows throughout the year, including a particularly festive eight week stretch during the summertime known as Horse Shows in the Sun.

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