A picturesque town with a rich history, Rosendale is where nature meets culture. Those looking for peaceful surroundings and a hip vibe will find themselves right at home in this Ulster County gem.

A great place to raise a family away from the city, the real estate market comprises single family homes, apartments, and co-ops to match its influx of new residents. Once an industrial village, Rosendale has become a popular destination for creative freelancers looking for a laid-back rural surrounding. People move to Rosendale for its small-town charm, big-city cultural offerings, and wealth of affordable residential options.

The town is known as the home of famed company Rosendale Cement, which provided the materials for significant landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge. Downtown Rosendale has an unmistakable charm and energy that draws in tourists and visitors from neighboring hamlets during its peak summer months. Local cafes and restaurants line the streets. A relaxed bar scene with live music and a lively artistic community gives the area a Brooklyn feel that makes a transition from New York City to upstate New York easy and appealing. While lacking large grocery stores, the town has a dedicated organic market and gourmet shops and bistros. The scenic region hosts a variety of festivals every year like the International Rosendale Pickle Festival and the Woodstock Film Festival.

There’s plenty to do in this favorite upstate getaway. Local galleries and concerts are around every corner. The historic Rosendale Theater, a community-run movie house, offers residents a chance to view flicks and live shows in charming old-fashioned surroundings. As with most Catskill towns, Rosendale has a thriving recreation industry. The landscape of Rosendale is unique, with its rolling hills and small lakes that feed into deep valleys and cavernous ice caves. There are ample trails for hiking and mountain biking. Roundout Creek, at the center of the town, houses a string of popular fishing spots and swimming holes. The nearby Kingston Stockade district is the site of one of New York’s three remaining Dutch settlements, providing locals and visitors alike with a glimpse into the fascinating past of upstate New York.

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