Situated in central Ulster County between the Catskill Mountains and the Shawangunk Ridge, Rochester is an upstate town with a rich history and stunning natural flair.

The picturesque town is the perfect destination for those seeking a natural, mountainside retreat. The real estate market comprises a mix of single-family homes, vacation cabins, hotels, and small apartment complexes. People flock to the area for its oasis-like feel and peaceful atmosphere. Rochester is a favorite place for city-dwellers to buy second homes. The architecture ranges from eighteenth-century stone houses to new developments with modern facades.

The commercial and retail scene in Rochester is compact yet diverse. Local eateries and small markets share the street with eclectic shops and cafes. Independent bookshops and gourmet restaurants are a fixture in the downtown area. Artists and musicians have carved out their own distinct community in the region, with local pubs and galleries serving as the perfect place for creatives to share their craft with locals and visitors.

Like many Catskill towns, Rochester has a wealth of outdoor recreation and scenic vistas. The protected woodlands of the Mohonk Preserve and Minnewaska State Park are prime places to observe wildlife. Small fishing spots dot the landscape. Residents enjoy an extensive network of hiking, biking, and running trails throughout the region. Located near Roundout Creek, the town enjoys small beaches and local swimming holes.

What truly separates Rochester from its neighboring towns is its commitment to preserving the past. The area is rife with historical lore and essential colonial landmarks. The community has the most extensive collection of old stone houses in New York. Larger historic homes are now quaint bed and breakfasts packed with character. Antique stores line the streets. Multiple times a year, Rochester hosts large craft fairs, offering guests the opportunity to find vintage treasures or support local artisans.

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