Marlborough, a town lying along the Hudson River in Ulster County, offers locals and visitors alike a blend of natural beauty and local convenience.

The Hudson River town has a diverse market of unique housing options. Homes range from single-family homes and modest apartments to newer co-ops. Like many upstate New York towns, the area is pricier than other regions. Residents who do settle down in the picturesque region find its convenient location and stunning natural landscape well worth the cost. Marlborough draws people in with its family-friendly activities and amenity-rich commercial scene.

Marlborough’s thriving commercial hub and rich tourism scene make it an exciting place to call home. The downtown area features a collection of trendy restaurants, local shops, and historic districts brimming with colonial architecture and unique landmarks. Commuters find it relatively easy to get to Manhattan by train, which makes it a go-to destination for those looking to merge a busy life in the city with a peaceful country atmosphere. Visitors enjoy a robust market of quaint bed and breakfasts, laid-back spas, and fascinating local art galleries.

A rural retreat, Marlborough features open country air and vast woodlands. Hiking and biking trails with incredible views are a popular destination for the active community. Outdoor activities like camping, fishing, boating, and kayaking are staples in the area. Hamlets with panoramic views of the town’s many orchards and farmland offer visitors the opportunity to pick fresh produce and enjoy the delicious farm-to-table cuisine.

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