Located inside the dynamic Catskill Park, the town of Hardenburgh blends country charm with a wealth of preserved wildlands.

The real estate landscape in Hardenburgh consists of single-family homes, sprawling estates, condos, and apartments. Seasonal housing makes up a significant portion of the market, a nod to the the thriving tourism industry alive in Hardenburgh and its upstate neighbors. The community is dedicated to preserving their laid-back lifestyle and small-town character. The zoning laws in the district are strict, with many residents working to maintain the area’s tranquility amidst a trend of new development in many Catskill towns. Those who put down roots in Hardenburgh find its calm atmosphere and robust recreation industry incomparable.

Hardenburgh’s terrain is diverse, with vast woodlands and mountains feeding into strings of glistening lakes and lush pockets of dense residential areas. Alder Lake is a favorite hotspot in the summer and fall, with devoted hikers and nature enthusiasts enjoying stunning natural vistas from the park’s one-mile loop. Balsam Lake Mountain is also a favorite hiking site. Popular outdoor activities in the region include biking, fishing, camping, and hiking. Seasonal adventures like snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, swimming, and paddling are also fixtures in the area. With scenic woodlands and majestic mountain ridges, it’s hard not to find a dazzling view around every corner in Hardenburgh.

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