Deep in the Catskill Mountains in the western portion of Ulster County, Denning is the ultimate destination for rustic country life.

The real estate landscape is unique in Denning. Single-family homes lie in tight-knit communities or private enclaves in the midst of the area’s robust wildlife. The population is lower, which makes for peaceful, secluded living at the foothills of the Catskill Mountains. Homes seated at the top of mountains boast unparalleled views of the valley and creeks below. The land is rugged and heavily wooded in most parts of the region. While remote, Denning was a favorite place for early twentieth century tycoons to build their summer estates, rounding out the diverse residential market. A mix of sleepy, remote hamlets and tiny commercial hubs with restaurants, shops, and cultural institutions, there’s an undeniable charm to the area that draws a diverse group of people seeking a rural lifestyle.

Residents enjoy outdoor pursuits against the scenic backdrop of stunning Ulster County. Weekend staples like fly-fishing, camping, and hiking are prevalent in the area. Winding country roads are lined with tidy cabins and campgrounds that make the region a favorite summertime vacation spot. Home to much of New York State’s “forever wild” holdings, natural beauty is a given in the area. The Frost Valley YMCA hosts classes and outdoor activities for members of all ages. The Red Hill Fire Tower offers stunning panoramic views of the mountains, while local parks serve as a base camp for horseback riding, biking, hiking, and fishing. Swimmers enjoy the freshwater pool at the Sundown Wild Forest near the foot of Peekamoose Mountain.

A place of tradition and outdoor recreation, Denning is both an ultimate vacation destination and a spectacular place to call home year-round.

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