A rural retreat in Sullivan County, the scenic town of Thompson is gaining attention for its vibrant tourism and wealth of year-round housing opportunities.

The real estate landscape is a mix of mid-century ranches, single family homes, sprawling estates, luxury townhomes, seasonal housing, and apartments. A popular vacation destination, Thompson has an extensive collection of summer camps, bungalow colonies, and second homes situated around its lakes and woodlands. The architecture is a study in the progression of the town’s development, with historic homes sharing the street with more modern facades. People flock to the area for its recreation, which takes advantages of all four seasons and the beautiful natural landscape of the region.

There’s plenty to do in Thompson. Local shops and quaint boutiques stand shoulder to shoulder with busy restaurants and trendy cafes. Public parks boast extensive walking trails and gardens. The recent addition of a world-class casino is expected to draw increased foot traffic in the coming months. The new development includes a multi-story casino, entertainment village with restaurants and shopping, golf course, and a water park.

The recreation in this town is second to none. The diverse terrain of lakes, woods, and mountains complements Thompson’s wealth of outdoor activities. Locals and visitors alike enjoy seasonal adventures like skiing at the Holiday Mountain Ski & Fun Park. Hiking, biking, camping, and swimming are favorite pursuits. Whether you’re visiting for a weekend or looking to plant roots, the tight-knit community will welcome you with open arms.

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