Situated in the northern part of Sullivan County, the town of Rockland blends a peaceful country atmosphere with a convenient upstate location.

The real estate comprises single-family houses, apartments, condos, and seasonal housing. People settle in the area for its variety of residential options and tight-knit community feel. The terrain is diverse, with much of Rockland nestled against the stunning Catskill Mountains. Like many upstate towns, it is a beautiful yet pricey place to call home.

The community in Rockland is dedicated to preserving its way of life. Organizations work to keep the public areas well-maintained and accessible to all residents. A recent campaign to restore and repurpose local buildings is breathing new life into the area and drawing interest in the town. The Antrim Lodge, a historic building, previously damaged by fire, will be a significant center of hospitality when construction is complete. The lodge will boast guest rooms, a large dining hall, and a ground floor bar.

Rockland’s outer edges drift into Catskill Park, which offers locals scenic views of country life. Fishing, hiking, camping, and swimming are favorite pursuits for the area. Walking trails weave through public parks and the foothills of the nearby mountain ridge. Beaverkill River and the Willowemoc River are great places for trout fishing. Locals and visitors alike can explore the region to marvel at wildlife and drink in picturesque natural views.

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