Situated in the northeast corner of Orange County, the lively town of Neversink is brimming with character and gorgeous natural views.

The real estate market is as diverse as its population. Housing options include modern condos, single-family homes, seasonal housing, sprawling estates, and modest apartment complexes. The terrain is a striking combination of mountains, streams, rivers, and meadows. Its proximity to New York City makes Neversink a convenient place to live. People flock to the country haven for both permanent and vacation homes.

The bustling town center boasts a collection of local restaurants, markets, and quaint shops and antique stores. A historically “dry” town, Neversink puts its focus on family-friendly activities. The tight-knit community has an active recreation center, with an array of organizations and businesses for locals. Annual fairs and other events bring the town together and draw foot traffic from neighboring towns.

The natural beauty of Neversink is the perfect backdrop for adventurous outdoor pursuits. Walking and hiking trails weave through parks and woodlands. Public parks and pockets of preserved wildlands dot the landscape. Residents enjoy fishing, swimming, camping, and kayaking in the Delaware River and Neversink River during warmer months.

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