Situated in southeast Sullivan County, Mamakating is upstate country living at its finest.

People are drawn to the area for its wide range of housing options and stunning natural terrain. The real estate market is made up of spacious single-family homes, sprawling estates, and modest apartment complexes. The diverse mix of residents enjoys lush greenery and ample backyard space. The architecture ranges from mid-century fixer-uppers to modern development. Bungalow rentals for seasonal use also command a significant corner of the market. A favorite escape from the city, Mamakating attracts a tight-knit community of locals as well as a large population of buyers looking for a second home in the mountains.

Life in Mamakating is laid back and peaceful. The region enjoys low foot traffic and few traffic lights. A healthy range of restaurants and small shops dot the landscape, alongside retail strips with chain stores and markets. The active community takes full advantage of the opportunities for exercise and outdoor recreation. Perfect for nature lovers, the town is a picturesque retreat with privacy and sprawling wildlands. Nights in Mamakating are peaceful, with evening hotspots just a city or two away.

The rural region offers plenty of outdoor activities that complement its natural beauty. Residents enjoy a robust community recreation system with a network of local parks and robust summer camp program. Staples like hiking and observing nature are favorite pursuits in the extensive woodlands that surround Mamakating. Joggers and cyclists take to local roads and mountain trails. Community centers boast athletic courts, public pools, and a wealth of clubs and organizations. Always in the background is the area’s stunning mountain range, a popular place for fishing, hiking, and boating.

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