Lumberland is a scenic rural retreat in upstate New York.

Mainly residential, Lumberland has a distinct rural charm and peaceful atmosphere. The real estate market consists of single-family homes, farmland, and larger estates. Sprawling farmland feeds into lightly packed residential districts, with a few small stores dotting the landscape. There are few traffic lights in the region, which is just how the residents like it.

The area is rife with architectural beauty and historical lore. Many of the intricate summer mansions that once housed New York City tycoons during the summer months are still standing. While there is a scattering of boutiques, markets, and antique shops in the area, more complex shopping strips and malls are available just a short drive away. The town center boasts critical cultural fixtures like the Town of Lumberland Cultural Series and a museum with a wealth of photographs and other memorabilia.

Acres of forests house wildlife and offer visitors stunning natural vistas. The rural haven boasts a string or rivers and streams perfect for swimming, fishing, and rafting. Favorite activities in the area include kayaking, canoeing, skiing, and hiking. Campgrounds are a fixture in the area, which nods to the thriving upstate tourism industry. Take a raft down the Delaware River or take a drive down the Upper Delaware Scenic Byway. Wherever you go, the gorgeous backdrop of upstate New York will be there to greet you.

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