Situated along the Delaware River, Cochecton offers a quiet, rural atmosphere for those looking for a laid-back lifestyle.

The real estate market in Cochecton comprises single-family homes, secluded, rustic retreats, and a scattering of apartments. Many of the residential areas are spacious, with some homeowners boasting sprawling properties with acres of woodlands. Some of the houses are vacation homes, but the majority of Cochecton’s population enjoy all four seasons amidst the gorgeous upstate backdrop. An influx of residents has spurred the development of suburban-style living in what was once part of the forest. Despite this increase in construction, the region retains a tranquil atmosphere with small-town character. People flock to the area for its wealth of wildlife and undisturbed natural habitats. Animals like deer, bears, and wild turkeys are a common sight.

Those looking for a bustling commercial hub will need to travel to neighboring Sullivan County towns, but its residents prefer it that way. Small pubs and local shops dot the landscape. Public parks back up against untamed woodlands. Outdoor activities like walking, hiking, and hunting are fixtures in the area. A rural retreat in every sense of the word, Cochecton is growing in a way that complements the natural landscape that makes it such a peaceful place to call home.

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