Nestled in the idyllic town of Babylon, Wyandanch is a scenic hamlet with a rich history.

People flock to the area for its tight-knit community and small-town feel. Growing families appreciate the slower pace of life and family entertainments Wyandanch provides. The housing stock in the hamlet consists of mostly single-family homes, with a scattering of new developments and condos. A large number of old properties have been flipped, offering a mix of historic facades and modern amenities.

Wyandanch is in a state of transition. Members of the community are dedicated to the area’s beautification and growth. A new plaza, ice skating rink, and cultural institutions dot the landscape. Shops and markets offer the essentials, while casual eateries and trendy restaurants draw heavy foot traffic. Geiger Lake Memorial Park boasts a large spray park and pavilion. The recreation site is just one part of the revitalization efforts underway in Wyandanch, and amenities like a botanical garden and playground are in development.

With recreation and a robust housing market, Wyandanch is one to watch.

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