West Islip

Nature meets family-friendly fun in the charming hamlet of West Islip.

The housing market in this suburban community is a blend of mainly single-family homes and a few apartments. Architecture runs the gamut from splits and ranches to Cape Cods and Colonials. People are drawn to the area for its wealth of outdoor recreation and tight-knit community.

The hamlet boasts a bustling downtown center. Shopping strips line Montauk Highway and other busy thoroughfares, offering residents a mix of mom-and-pop shops, chain stores, and fast casual restaurants. Those looking for larger commercial districts have their choice of Sunrise Mall and South Shore Mall. The West Islip Symphony Orchestra puts on concerts throughout the year, giving residents a chance to sample the local arts and culture scene.

The scenic natural hotspots in West Islip are perfect for outdoor recreation. One of the best things about the region is its long stretches of sandy beaches and stunning waterfront views. The marina is a great place to visit during the warmer months, while green space like the Robert Moses State Park and Captree State Park serve as the perfect backdrop to activities like swimming, boating, fishing, and hiking.

With plenty of places to shop, dine, and swim, West Islip is an oasis for residents and visitors alike.

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