Wainscott is a lovely community in the Hamptons known for its white sandy beaches and spectacular waterfront properties.

There are plenty of places to plant roots in this idyllic community. The inventory is mainly single-family homes, from rustic farmhouses and cottages to traditional Victorians and luxurious contemporary construction. Clusters of densely packed trees dot the landscape throughout Wainscott, giving locals a sense of privacy and seclusion. Most houses are renovated and built out with the latest amenities, with spacious decks, ceiling-high windows, and private pools and tennis courts.

There is something for everyone in Wainscott. Head to the town center for a string of under the radar shops and restaurants, as well as prime nightlife hotspots. Family-run bakeries and upscale farm-to-table restaurants stand alongside laid-back bars and fast-casual eateries. The real gem of the area is its beach, the perfect backdrop for classic warm-weather pastimes like swimming, boating, and sunbathing. Spend a day drinking in the beauty of the coast or head to waterfront venues for breathtaking views of the sunset.

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