Shelter Island

Somewhere between a rural enclave and a quaint beach town, Shelter Island has something for everyone.

You’ll need to take the ferry to reach this unique Long Island community. Architecture runs the gamut, from charming cottages and waterfront bungalows to well-kept Capes and grand Victorian estates. What sets Shelter Island apart is the landscape. Nearly a third of the island is undisturbed wildlands, with preserved marshlands, freshwater ponds, and forests.

Waterfront restaurants boasting fresh seafood and cozy cafes line the street alongside quirky shops, art galleries, and gourmet bistros. Scores of boat landings and yacht clubs dot the landscape, while waterfront venues like Wades Beach and Dering Harbor cater to outdoor enthusiasts looking to go swimming or boating and enjoy the scenic surroundings that make Shelter Island such a vibrant place to call home.

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