Situated along the north shore of Long Island, Northport is a quaint Long Island village with a robust housing market and spectacular views of the waterfront.

The charming main street in Northport is brimming with character, from the old trolley rails cutting through the street to the historic Victorian-era storefronts. Antique shops and boutiques stand alongside markets, bars, and eateries. Check out institutions like the John W. Engeman Theater for live productions. Grab a treat at the old-fashioned ice cream parlor or take a stroll along the town dock. Community events like Cow Harbor Day celebrate the area’s farming legacy, while waterfront parks draw in crowds looking to relax and play with a great view of the harbor. Locals have access to a variety of prime recreation sites, from parks and walking paths to stunning beaches. Favorite pastimes in the region include fishing, boating, swimming, and biking.

People flock to Northport for its peaceful atmosphere and family-friendly vibe. A place for tourism, the hamlet commands a healthy market of seasonal housing. The housing stock in Northport is mainly single-family homes, with a scattering of rental properties. While real estate is pricey, locals find the town’s rich history and crowd-pleasing community entertainments well worth the price of entry.

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