North Amityville

A close-knit community with plenty to offer, North Amityville is a charming place to call home in Long Island.

North Amityville puts the best of Long Island’s shopping, dining, and outdoor recreation at its residents’ fingertips. Some of the districts finest wineries and shopping outlets are just a short drive away. Visitors flock to the area every summer for its relaxing atmosphere, waterfront homes, and beautiful public beaches. Bars and cafes stand alongside eclectic boutiques and shopping strips. Hotspots like the Lauder Museum and Bolden Mack Park offer the perfect destination for a lazy afternoon, while nearby towns feature golf courses, country clubs, and boat launches.

Quiet residential districts with tidy village greens characterize this vibrant community. Homeowners and renters in North Amityville have their choice of housing, from spacious single-family homes to apartments and condos. Architecture in this historic hamlet consists of stately Colonials, beachside cottages, and delightful Victorian homes. The district is revered for its quiet residential blocks and scenic landscapes.

With a unique real estate market and thriving tourism industry, North Amityville offers the best of Long Island living.

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