Running along the north coast of Long Island, Huntington blends a peaceful atmosphere with convenient proximity to Manhattan.

People are drawn to the area for its family-friendly town center and easy access to big city amenities. The housing stock is a diverse mix of small cottages, stately Colonials, mid-century split-levels, and modern construction.

Walkable and brimming with village charm, Huntington’s downtown center draws heavy foot traffic throughout the year. Independent small businesses and boutiques line the street alongside busy restaurants and bars. The district has an artsy vibe, with a variety of theaters and galleries dotting the landscape. The village is known for its vibrant nightlife, especially during the summer months. The bar scene is a diverse string of wine bars, karaoke clubs, pubs, and late-night restaurants.

A place for nature lovers, Huntington boasts an extensive network of public beaches and marinas. Favorite activities in the area include swimming, fishing, boating, kayaking, and picnicking. Explore hotspots like the Heckscher Museum of Art and the Chapin Rainbow Theater. Play a round of golf at the Crab Meadow Golf Club. Local festivals like the Huntington Folk Festival are a major draw during the summer.

Those looking for cultural institutions and outdoor recreation will love what Huntington has to offer.

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