Hampton Bays

Convenience meets natural beauty in picturesque Hampton Bays.

It’s easy to see why people flock to the area for relaxing vacations and summer homes. The landscape is majestic, with Hampton Bays featuring more waterfront property than any other Hampton towns. Houses, restaurants, and shops alike enjoy unobstructed views of the bay. Hampton Bays also features vast stretches of undisturbed beaches and other wildlands. A mix of single-family dwellings, condos, apartments, and large estates make up the real estate market. A collection of hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, second homes, and seasonal cottages dot the landscape of this go-to summer vacation destination.

There’s plenty to do in this lively seaside town. Visitors enjoy boat tours along the coast. The downtown strip is modest but quaint, with small boutiques and souvenir shops sharing the street with busy restaurants and wineries. With further dining and entertainment options just a town or two over, Hampton Bays offers both convenience and the relaxed atmosphere that makes it such a favorite place to call home.

The real gem of the region is its wealth of parks and beaches. The most popular pastimes in the area revolve around the bay. Visitors and locals alike enjoy scuba diving, boating, swimming, and surfing. The recreation is second to none, with many organizations offering summer classes in swimming, surfing, paddle boarding, and sailing. Other activities like hiking and fishing provide year-round fun. Parkland is abundant in Hampton Bays, with hotspots like Meschutt Beach and Red Creek State Park offering sweeping views of the landscape.

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