A lively hamlet in Huntington, Halesite brings family-friendly run and a vibrant market of beautiful homes to Long Island.

People flock to the community for its tranquil atmosphere and robust housing inventory. The options in the hamlet include single-family dwellings, apartments, and condos. Homeowners have plenty of styles to choose from in Halesite, from stately Colonials and mid-century ranches to opulent Victorians and Tudors. Many properties boast panoramic views of the harbor.

Yacht clubs and fine restaurants line the waterfront, while family-owned eateries and independent shops dot the landscape. Nearby cultural institutions like the Paramount and the Heckscher Museum of Art draw heavy foot traffic, while local beaches and boat launches offer the perfect backdrop for classic fair-weather pastimes like swimming, boating, and fishing. Mills Dam Park and Halesite Park cater to nature lovers and recreation enthusiasts with walking trails, picnic lawns, and stunning views of the waterfront.

Recent Listings in Halesite