Growing families enjoy the sense of community and charming, small-town feel in Greenlawn. The housing stock consists of mainly single-family homes, with a scattering of apartments. Pedestrian-friendly shady streets empty into bustling main avenues lined with an array of shops and markets. Manhattan is the perfect distance away for a day trip, giving locals the best of suburban living along with big city food, dining, and culture.

People flock to the area for its peaceful atmosphere, family-friendly amenities, and walkable downtown center. Dozens of eclectic shops and family-owned restaurants line Broadway, while grocery stores, delis, and chain stores offer up the essentials. Nearby beaches like Centerport Beach Park cater to outdoor enthusiasts looking to swim, surf, and relax. The tight-knit community in Greenlawn participates in a variety of activities and events throughout the year, from community gardens and farmer’s markets to block parties and parades. Every year, the community honors its farming roots with the Pickle Festival. Held on the historic John Gardiner Farm, the event features fall activities like a corn maze and hayride, as well as food stands with plenty of delicious fares centered around the festival’s namesake.

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