Fair Harbor

Summertime recreation meets a family-friendly vibe in Fair Harbor, a laid-back community with plenty of character.

You’ll have to take the ferry from Bay Shore to get to Fair Harbor. Wood boardwalks and sandy yards are longtime community staples in this lively beach hamlet. Like many Fire Island communities, Fair Harbor is a summertime destination with lots of seasonal housing. A scattering of mid-century, year-round residences also dots the landscape.

People flock to this idyllic waterfront region for prime recreation and a relaxed pace of life. Head to the beach for long stretches of sand, boat launches, and waves perfect for surfing, swimming, and rafting. The peaceful atmosphere and lack of significant nightlife hotspots and shopping districts puts the focus on nature. At sunset, Fair Harbor locals and visitors hit the docks to take in breathtaking views of the sunset.

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