Eatons Neck

A tight-knit community in Huntington, Eatons Neck brings beautiful homes and recreation to Long Island.

The landscape in Eatons Neck is diverse, with dense pockets of woodlands feeding into rolling hills and long stretches of beach. Primarily residential, the hamlet features a robust market of single-family homes, from Colonials and ranches to cottages and modern development. People flock to the area for its peaceful atmosphere and spectacular recreation.

Nature plays a significant role in recreation at Eatons Neck. Favorite pastimes in the area include horseback riding, swimming, boating, and hiking. Hobart Beach, known by many as Sand City, is a popular summertime destination for boating and swimming. Prices Bend Beach is a favorite place for canoeing and kayaking. The Eatons Neck Lighthouse, a popular landmark, sits at picturesque Eatons Neck Point, another prime boating spot in this charming hamlet.

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