Dix Hills

An upscale enclave in Long Island, Dix Hills offers a peaceful atmosphere and robust housing market.

There are plenty of unique places to call home in Dix Hills. Most houses sit on acres and boast private parking and spacious lawns. The architecture is a blend of mid-century construction and new development, giving the region a contemporary feel. People flock to the area for its secluded, “oasis-like” vibe.

The hamlet is not a go-to shopping or tourist destination, which is just how its residents like it. Strict zoning regulations give locals a very curated selection of businesses and commercial activity. Locals head to neighboring towns to purchase groceries and necessities. A string of institutions like the Dix Hills Performing Arts Center brings the community together, while local parks like Dix Hills Park serve as the perfect place to relax and enjoy nature. Favorite activities in the area include ice skating, golfing, swimming, and jogging. Undeveloped stretches of green space like Strathmore Park features miles of hiking trails and stunning natural vistas.

With beautiful surroundings and plenty of privacy, Dix Hills is perfect for residents looking for respite from busy city life.

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