Nature meets culture in Centerport, a beautiful enclave in Long Island.

The terrain in this hamlet is both beautiful and diverse. Waterfront properties along the peninsula feed into a busy harbor and densely packed residential districts. Set apart from significant thoroughfares, Centerport maintains a peaceful, slightly secluded atmosphere. The housing stock runs the gamut, from converted summer estates and modest single-family homes to large dwellings and modern development.

The tranquility and solitude from the hamlet’s years as a resort destination remain in modern-day Centerport. Mom and pop shops, markets, and eateries dot the landscape. Cultural institutions like the Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum host workshops and exhibits centered around Long Island’s fascinating heritage. There are no major shopping strips or commercial hubs in the region, which eschews these busy town centers for hotspots centered around recreation and leisure. Favorite pastimes in the area include fishing, swimming, boating, and hiking. Head to the Centerport Yacht Club for events throughout the year or check out beautiful beaches like Centerport Beach Park of Fleets Cove Beach. A string of public parks and bike paths round out the recreational offerings in town.

With beautiful landscapes and a vibrant network of outdoor recreation, Centerport is a real escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

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