A short drive from the beach, Calverton offers a vibrant collection of Long Island entertainments and plenty of places to plant roots. Lush greenery and vast farmland are longtime area staples. The housing stock is mainly single-family homes on generous lots. Tourists flock to the area every year for its peaceful, idyllic atmosphere.

There are plenty of hotspots and landmarks in Calverton for locals and visitors alike. Known for its rich agricultural heritage, Calverton still commands a farming community today. Locals can buy and pick fresh produce just minutes from their neighborhood. Cultural institutions like the Grumman Memorial Park and Aerospace Museum educate guests on the region’s unique history. Recreation in the area is second to none. Calverton has a reputation as the best skydiving spot in the county, catering to thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies. Hotspots like Flanders Bay offer the perfect backdrop to classic summertime pastimes like swimming, boating, surfing, and fishing. The community is tight-knit, hosting a variety of community events like farmers markets, autumn festivals, and block parties.

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