A quiet haven with beautiful beaches and preserved natural landscapes, Bellport is one of Suffolk County’s best-kept secrets. Head to the village for a market of sprawling historic Colonials and Victorians on large lots. Locals and visitors alike enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and tight-knit community in Bellport, a contrast to some of Long Island’s more traditional vacation destinations.

You won’t find chain stores in this corner of Long Island, which eschews a large commercial center for a charming collection of independent businesses and community amenities. Downtown Bellport boasts a New-England flair, catering to art enthusiasts, shoppers, and foodies. Eclectic art galleries and farm to table restaurants stand alongside antique shops and boutiques.

The recreation in Bellport is second to none. Favorite pastimes in the area include swimming, boating, golfing, and nature walks. Waterfront hotspots dot the landscape, from the private shores of Ho Hum Beach on nearby Fire Island to local destinations like Mother’s Beach.

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