Suffolk County, NY

The more rural of the two Long Island counties, Suffolk has a peaceful atmosphere and fantastic outdoor recreation.

Suffolk County stretches across eastern Long Island. The housing market is diverse, from rustic farmhouses and beach houses to modern apartments and sprawling single-family homes. Agriculture is a huge part of what makes Suffolk so unique — traditional family farms with fields of crops and barns full of livestock feed into rustic wineries. Farm stands and farmer’s markets are fixtures in the area. Residents and visitors alike enjoy some of the freshest seafood, meat, and produce around, making Suffolk’s restaurants a go-to destination for delicious, gourmet dishes that make the most of the local flavors.

There’s plenty to do in this gorgeous corner of Long Island. Play a round of golf on the area’s many courses, or spend a long afternoon at the beaches running along Fire Island National Seashore. Smith Point County Park is a great place to go camping. Favorite pastimes in the region include kayaking, canoeing, hiking, and biking. Shoppers will enjoy the downtown districts in the county’s many quaint beachside villages. A place of history and tradition, Suffolk boasts landmarks like the Walt Whitman Historic Site and the Vanderbilt Museum.

With picturesque views and a wealth of outdoor activities, Suffolk County is a wonderful place to call home.

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