Stony Point

Just north of Haverstraw, the lively town of Stony Point is a comfortable country retreat with a rich history.

People flock to the area for its laid-back rural lifestyle and scenic natural landscape. The real estate market in a combination of single-family homes, seasonal housing, apartments, and condos. A significant portion of the population owns second homes in the area, a testament to its relaxing atmosphere and thriving tourism industry. The tight-knit community appreciates the area’s small-town feel and ample green space.

Locals in Stony Point enjoy convenient access to the necessities. The area is not considered to be a major commercial hub, but residents see it as a fair trade-off for luxuries like privacy and tranquility. Small shops and markets dot the landscape. Local eateries are abundant in the town center, while larger chain stores and restaurants are just a short drive away.

The region is rife with outdoor recreation and historical lore. Famous landmarks like the Stony Point Battlefield offer visitors a glimpse into the region’s role in the American Revolutionary War. The Harriman State Park, the second largest park in New York state, is the perfect place to enjoy a leisurely nature hike, fish in one of the many streams and rivers, and spend the weekend camping in the wilderness.

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