A tight-knit community in Rockland County, the lively town of Orangetown houses a thriving arts scene amidst a peaceful country backdrop.

Those looking for year-round homes and seasonal getaway properties will find the region’s warm hospitality and thriving tourism scene thrilling. The real estate market in Orangetown is a mix of detached single-family homes, apartments, townhomes, and condos. People are drawn to the area for its mix of housing options and a wide range of prices. The town’s tranquil atmosphere and dedicated community organizations make it an exciting place to call home.

The district’s bustling commercial center draws heavy foot traffic each year. Waterfront restaurants offer panoramic views of the Hudson River. Quaint boutiques and shops stand alongside markets and trendy restaurants. The vibrant arts scene is a defining characteristic of Orangetown. Local galleries are a favorite place to spend an afternoon drinking in the inspiration the town offers its artistic community.

Outdoor activities are a staple for the area. Hudson River beaches are a perfect place for swimming, boating, rafting, and canoeing. Hiking and biking trails offer scenic views of the forests and mountains. Venues for seasonal activities like camping and skiing lie just a few miles away in any direction.

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