Sandwiched between the lively shopping and dining strips on Jamaica Avenue and the scenic hiking trails of Forest Park, Woodhaven is a residential retreat with easy access to a little bit of everything.

The real estate market in Woodhaven is a blend of single-family homes with lawns and porches, rows of stately townhouses, and amenity-rich co-ops. The diverse architecture ranges from stunning pre-war apartment buildings and massive Victorian mansions to modern co-op buildings and modest Colonial townhomes. A destination for growing families, the neighborhood trades bustling commercial hubs for larger properties and an abundance of green space.

The tight-knit community that calls Woodhaven home enjoys its small-town feel and relaxed atmosphere. Tidy grocery stores and fresh fruit stands share the space with trendy cafes and busy restaurants. The energy and noise of the active commercial centers taper off on quieter side streets, which display some of the oldest and loveliest houses in the borough. A significant population of writers, artist, and musicians have been drawn to the neighborhood for its affordable housing and wealth of amenities. The artists showcase their work in the many live music centers and galleries that dot the landscape.

Locals enjoy convenient access to some of the best parkland in New York City. Forest Park boasts acres of woodlands, ponds, and meadows. An extensive network of hiking trails makes it a go-to exercise destination for this active community. Recreation is abundant in Forest Park, with people enjoying activities like hiking, swimming, fishing, golfing, and tennis. During the warmer months, the park hosts a series of outdoor concerts. Featured performers like the Queens Borough Orchestra and the New York Philharmonic have graced the famed park bandshell, bringing the community together to enjoy this lively tradition.

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